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Actual reader questions. We paraphrase because we love.

You've all read Notes on Camp, haven't you?

Indeed, we have, and until someone takes it down again, so can you.


Do you, at long last, have an RSS feed?

We're no longer even making the pretense of offering a feed for this site. Subscribe to a feed of more retro, modern or slightly off-topic "goodness" (cool, funny, or beautiful) that is updated fairly regularly, from our companion Tumblr site: beyond, deux. Follow us on Twitter. Or check out, follow or subscribe to our aggregation page (incorporating "pins") at RebelMouse.


What happened/happens to stuff from the old versions of the site?

Well, hey--after 20 years on the Web, this site finally has its own URL.

Some of the original material from The Roots of Lounge has been revised with fresh (and could be fresher!) links for this site. (See the sidebar.) You can now access the playlist at Spotify.

If you arrived here via an image link, know that you can navigate to the front page (or any other page) from any page. Don't feel obligated to confine your browsing to just the page where you landed. (Yeah, you--we know who you are. You managed to find this page, didn'tcha? Good job.) For example, the header at the top of each page is hot and goes to the front page. And, you know, it's a website about the shallow and the kitschy, so if stuff is too old for your taste, go find something else to look at.


This looks like a blog, so why is there no provision for comments/date-time stamp/elaborate archiving system?

Walks, talks like a duck--still just a simple, low-bandwidth static website. We're not using a "content management system;" this site is manually coded with Dreamweaver. However, we became somewhat lazy after several years of blogging via Tumblr, so now the front page updates are handled that way exclusively, and the archived posts that reside on this site are on the following pages. (And beyond, deux also has an archive, available at Tumblr, where you can also contact us, or PM @retroRechercher via Twitter.)

Your e-mail comments are welcome; you can send them to rechercher at gmail dot com. They may be used on the site, so either make them short and funny or mark them clearly "not for publication."


Anything else we should know?

Not a thing.


Have another drink. Thanks for falling by...be sure to tell all your friends.


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