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Lounge in Hi-Fi

In the period between Swing and the British Invasion, exotic sounds from around the world were imported, homogenized, and turned into commercial hits.

Today, whether you're a boho beatnik or a ring-a-ding swinger, the styles and sounds of the Atomic Age are still an indelible part of our pop culture.

From Mono to Stereo

turntable In the beginning, in Mono, there was the Victrola. 78 rpm records lasted about 4 minutes. If you wanted to hear a long piece of music, you had to change discs so often, there was no time for passive listening. Then, Columbia introduced the 33 rpm microgroove lp. And within a few years, music lovers--or at least, affluent urban and suburbanites--could explore the fascinating, often exotic world...of hi-fi, in Stereo!

Proto Lounge: Suggested Listening

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